The climb was long but the descents were epic at stage 2 of The GOAT

BRIGHT, VIC, February 25, 2022 - Stage 2, the Queen stage, the crux, the jewel in the crown. Whatever you want to call it, Stage 2 at Bright is the biggest day at the GOAT. 

The stage has the longest climb, the most spectacular views, and one of the more technical descents we’ll see on course at the event. With 33.2km and 886m of climbing to be done, today was certainly no walk in the park. 

The grind began for the riders on Clear Spot Road as they clawed their way up the long and steady climb. After weaving through several kilometers of single track, the first of the 3 major descents provided a mix of sharp rocks and technical corners, a true test of nerve for all categories. The last two descents were flowy but physical, before delivering riders to the finish line for a well-earned beverage or two.

When asked how the stage went, ambassador and pro cyclist Tilly Field said “it was tough out there today, but my god the views made it all worthwhile.  The pain of the climb was long forgotten by the time i’d made it to the bottom of the second descent, shred kelly” she then said “Mystic really turned it on for us today, everyone’s stoke levels were sky high” 

With the weekend riders joining us tomorrow for stage 3, the race field will swell with riders taking to the trails of Big Hill MTB park in Mt Beauty.  Stage 3 is the shortest of the 4, with 25.5km being covered, Course Director Justin Lane headed the warning “don’t be fooled, this is by no means an easy stage with 693m of vert and some of the most technical trails of The GOAT ahead”.


We’re keen to see everyone back at the Bright Brewery to recharge and refuel after another epic day out on the trails.


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A valid vaccination certificate is required to attend/enter The GOAT Bright.  Check out the full Covid Safe Guide HERE.