Ride The E-GOAT with your E-Bike

Love racing but not quite peaking after months of lockdown?

Or are you just getting into the sport and want to keep up with your mates?

The GOAT’s E-GOAT category has you covered. This is a dedicated E-Bike category for riders of all ages and abilities.

E-GOAT race category
Ride the E-GOAT

You might have some extra horsepower pulling you up the climbs, but to claim the E-GOAT title you still have to work for it. E-Bikers will traverse the same route and format as the XC GOAT, enjoying the spectacular views while still earning your brews at the finish line.  

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THE goat will be back in 2023

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A valid vaccination certificate is required to attend/enter The GOAT Bright.  Check out the full Covid Safe Guide HERE.