Ride The Gravity GOAT

The Gravity GOAT category is rowdy fun for every rider, and a worthy challenge for the competitive.

The Gravity GOAT is centred around timed descents and untimed liaisons. So to win this category, be prepared to tap out the climbs before absolutely railing the descents. 

The GOAT descents are moderately technical with various line choices, utilising some of the best singletrack in the High Country. But as you’re riding the same course as the XC GOATS, don’t expect jaw-dropping rock gardens with blind hucks and unforgiving ruts. 

All GOAT descents can be ridden on any type of bike by riders of all levels. So while we don’t recommend bringing your 180mm enduro rig, trail bikes with 120mm-150mm of travel will definitely make time on the descents while maintaining pedalling efficiency. 

To enter the Gravity GOAT, you’ll need a bike and some froth; but to win it, you’ll need some muscle and skill. 

The Gravity GOAT stage with a rider on a bike
Gravity GOAT rider riding a downhill section of mtb trail

Each of The Gravity GOAT stages has 3 timed descents, and the final stage allows you to ride each descent twice – double the chance to nail that whip or outpace your mates.  Prizes are on offer for each individual descent but also for the overall fastest time across all descents. 

So pump up your tires, check your brakes, and get your crew together for this epic adventure race through High Country Victoria, the mecca of all things Gravity [GOAT].

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THE goat will be back in 2023

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A valid vaccination certificate is required to attend/enter The GOAT Bright.  Check out the full Covid Safe Guide HERE.